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Shurflo Pumps

Recreational Vehicles use 12 volt RV water pumps

Since 1968, Shurflo Pump has been the premier name in pumps for RVs, campers, and boats. But Shurflo
didn’t start with water pumps. In 1948, Shurflo began as a manufacturer of nozzles and spraying systems
for industrial applications, including dust suppression, cooling, car washes, agricultural irrigation and
herbicide/pesticide application, and painting. Shurflo has a long history steeped in technical excellence
and customer service.

Shurflo Baitmaster II Livewell pump
Shurflo Baitmaster II Livewell pump

Shurflo Pumps are now a brand of Pentair Corporation. Pentair is a global fluid handling firm with 120
locations and operations in 25 countries. The 9,500+ employees of Pentair ensure that Shurflo Pump
customers have access to immediate customer service and technical support anywhere on Earth.

Typical that uses a Shurflo RV Water pump
RV parked Under the Stars. A Shurflo RV Water pump provides running water for the inhabitants.

A Shurflo RV water pump is the gold standard in the RV water pump industry. When you buy a 12 volt
RV water pump from Shurflo, you will receive an excellent product with quick delivery, thanks to their
commitment to keeping finished product on hand and keeping their distributor’s shelves stocked.

An RV Owner explains how he fixes a 12 volt RV water pump with Shurflo pump parts

All Shurflo RV water pumps are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified, which is essential for peace
of mind when using a pump for drinking water. Also, all Shurflo RV pumps are warranted against
manufacturers defects for one year.

The Shurlo Martine Division produces products for fast boats like this one.
The Shurlo Martine Division produces products for fast boats like this one.

The Shurflo Marine Division (now Pentair Shurflow Marine Applications) produces globally renowned
products such as the Pro Blaster II Washdown pump, the Baitmaster II Livewell pump, and every sort of
fresh water and circulation pumps you could need on any boat. The Pentair Shurflo Piranha Ballast Pump
is a great example of the design ingenuity found across the Shurflo product line. The most reliable pump
in the industry, the Piranha includes anti-airlock features and a rugged Nylon construction. An easily
removable/replaceable filter cartridge ensures that owning the Piranha Ballast Pump is as simple and easy
as possible.

Shurflo Pro Blaster II Washdown pump
Shurflo Pro Blaster II Washdown pump

Shurflo Pump parts are available globally from a worldwide network of distributors and retailers, all supported by the 120 Shurflo corporate locations. Shurflo products are designed from the beginning to
make ownership easy. In addition to readily available parts, most common repair parts are easily
accessible and replaceable with either no tools or simple, common tools.
In summary, buying a Shurflo pump is easy, and owning one is even easier.